Care Touch Fully Automatic Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with AC Adapter, Batteries & Case - Platinum Series (#PSA-AC)

  • ₱2,599.00

How to set or calibrate the monitor:1. With the monitor powered off, hold the S key for several seconds (5-6 seconds) until the year starts blinking2. Press the S key again 6 times until the 0 shows up3. Press the M key either once or twice until it says mmHg underneath the 0 (not 0.0 with kPa underneath)4. Press the S key and it should say "Done"You can now begin testingTo get the most accurate results when testing:•Test the same time every day•Put the cuff on in the right place as per instructions, right above the elbow.•30 minutes prior to testing don't eat, exercise, smoke or drink alcohol.•While testing sit in a relaxed position with your feet straight in front of you and your arm resting on the table. Do not cross your legs.Use this Care Touch Platinum Series Blood Pressure Monitor to stay on top of your health! Don't lose out on this great deal!
  • LARGE LCD DISPLAY - Easy to read large display.
  • AC ADAPTER INCLUDED - AC adapter included for use with this monitor in place of batteries
  • MEMORY FUNCTION - Up to 2 people can keep tabs separately with the last 250 readings stored for each, plus an average of the last 3 readings.
  • FAST READING - Less than 1 minute response