Beurer BM26 Upper Arm Automatic & Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Large Cuff (8.7” to 16.5”), Up to 4 Users, 1 Unit

  • ₱3,995.00

The Beurer BM26 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can help to ease your worries and stay on top of your health at home. Take responsibility for your heart health with our professional-grade, fully automatic blood pressure and pulse monitor, for the upper arm. We want to encourage you to make your health a priority, which is why our Blood Pressure Monitor Set includes a storage case, so that you can take your monitor anywhere - even on vacation.Enjoy the quality and precision of German-engineering with the BM26 Blood Pressure Monitor that even detects irregular heartbeat, which can signal possible heart problems allowing you to alert your doctor. The monitor also allows you to easily interpret your measurement using a color risk indicator, which is based on the metrics from WHO (World Health Organization).We've designed our BM26 to be a household monitor, which is why it has a 4 user capacity and 30 memories spaces per user. The large LCD screen displays the time and the date, and gives you an incorrect usage message if there is something in error. Having a home monitor is important for managing and taking preventative measures for high blood pressure, also known as hypertension - it also is a more familiar setting and provides more comfort and less pressure compared to being at a doctor's office. In fact, not only is self-monitoring more comfortable and relaxing, but it also can help to decrease the number of visits to your doctor or clinic.


  • Upper Arm Monitor
  • Universal Cuff Included (8.7"-16.5")
  • Average Function
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • Storage Case Included
  • Batteries Included