BC Powder Original Strength Fast Pain Relief Powder for Headaches & Body Aches, 50 Packs

  • ₱599.00

BC Powder Original Strength Pain Reliever temporarily relieves headaches, backaches, toothaches, muscle aches and menstrual cramps. BC Powder Original Strength Pain Reliever contains 845 mg of Aspirin (NSAID) and 65 mg of Caffeine. The unique dual action powder formula helps stop minor aches and pains fast. BC Powder Original Strength Pain Reliever comes in convenient, on-the-go powder stick packs that are easy to swallow while providing fast pain relief. Back in 1906, BC Powder was created to bring you that speedy headache relief you trust and have passed on ever since. BC's powerful combination of ingredients relieves your pain at the speed of powder. Pour BC Powder on your tongue and follow with a non-alcoholic beverage or mix it with a non-alcoholic beverage and drink. Any way you take it, BC stops pain fast. Whether you choose Original, Cherry, BC MAX, Arthritis, Sinus Pain & Congestion, or Daytime Cough & Cold, trust BC to take care of your pain fast. BC Powders are FSA- and HSA-eligible in the U.S.