Bayer Low Dose Aspirin Regimen, 400 Coated Tablets

  • ₱1,299.00

Bayer Low Dose tablets can be used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains as recommended by your doctor. They can also help to reduce your risk of having a heart attack by up to 31%. While starting a low dose aspirin regimen is a healthy choice for most people, Bayer Low Dose Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone. Be sure to consult with your doctor before you decide to start an aspirin regimen.

Taking a low dose aspirin like Bayer Low Dose 81mg Aspirin can help to reduce your risk of having a heart attack. When paired with a healthy, low-fat and low-cholesterol diet, as well as an effective exercise routine, taking a low dose aspirin can help you lower your risk of a heart attack or clot related stroke significantly. For more information on how a low dose aspirin regimen may help you avoid these serious health risks, speak with your doctor.