aSquared Nutrition Nicotinamide 500mg Enhanced with Resveratrol for Cellular Health & Energy Production, 120 Capsules

  • ₱2,199.00


aSquared Nutrition's maximum strength Nicotinamide supplement is enhanced with Resveratrol to promote cellular health & repair, normal NAD levels, longevity and anti-aging. As we age our energy levels naturally decline. Our unique formula helps your cells metabolize & synthesize nutrients more effectively to boost energy. *

  • Huge Supply: 120 Vegetable Capsules per Bottle *
  • Max Strength: 500mg of Nicotinamide per Capsule *
  • 100mg of Resveratrol powder per Capsule *
  • Made Right Here in the USA *
  • All Natural, Non-GMO, and Vegetarian *
  • Third Party Tested for Quality & Purity *