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Anthony's Pink Curing Salt No.2, 2 lb / 907 g

Anthony's Pink Curing Salt No.2, 2 lb / 907 g

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About our Pink Curing Salt #2

Not to be confused with Pink Himalayan Salt, pink curing salt #2 is a mixture of sodium chloride (table salt), sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. It is dyed pink so that it won’t be confused with table salt, it should not be used in excess. Though it is used to cure meat, it is not present in finished, cured meats in a high enough dosage to cause issues. This makes it entirely safe for the curing process.

If you’re looking to cure your own meats using pink curing salt, or Prague powder, our Pink Curing Salt 1 is gluten-free and batch tested for perfection.

It is perfect for both curing and preserving salami, pepperoni, prosciutto and much more. In fact, the bag contains enough pink curing salt to cure hundreds of pounds of meat, making it an extremely economical and practical buy!

Pink Curing Salt #2, also known as Prague Powder #2 or InstaCure #2, is generally used for meats that will be dry-cured for an extended time, which also do not require cooking, smoking or refrigeration before consumption.

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