Alocane Maximum Strength Emergency Burn Gel with Vitamin E, 4 oz. / 118ml

  • ₱1,299.00

ALOCANE® Maximum Strength Emergency Burn Gel utilizes the most effective ingredients to numb, treat and heal minor burns of all types. ALOCANE® Maximum Strength Emergency Burn Gel alleviates common burns, sunburns, insect bites and minor cuts and scrapes fast with the help of the pain-stopping power of 4% lidocain, soothing Brazilian aloe vera and healing vitamin E. Unlike other burn treatment gels, ALOCANE® does not contain harmful ingredients and irritants like petroleum, alcohol or menthol. Instead, ALOCANE® is made with natural ingredients to soothe, heal and protect injuries as well as stop pain and sensitivity on contact. ALOCANE® is made with 4% lidocain, the maximum strength allowed by the FDA, to provide instant relief and stop burn pain on contact. No other burn treatment gel available offers the same concentration of 4% lidocain without a prescription. Contains Brazilian-Sourced Aloe Vera as well as Vitamin E, which both help soothe and replenish damaged skin Don’t get burned by home remedies or other gels that contain alcohol or petroleum. Look no further than ALOCANE® Maximum Strength Emergency Burn Gel for fast, immediate burn pain relief.