7 Pieces Curved Upholstery Hand Sewing Needles Sewing Needles with Leather Waxed Thread Cord 1 Brown 1 Black and Drilling Awl and Thimble for Leather Repair

  • ₱694.00

  • Needle And Thread Package includes: 7 * leather sewing needles, 1 * stitching awl, 1 * brown leather waxed thread cord, 1 * black leather waxed thread cord, 1 * sewing thimble
  • Leather Needle Repair kit for carpets,canvas,upholstery,coats,tents, mattresses,furs and leather
  • Leather Sewing Needle Manual paper art sewing needle suits Includes, triangle pointed needle, the needle tip, curved needle etc.
  • Sewing Needles And Thread is handmade diy leathercraft tools.
  • Sewing Leather,leather awl,curved upholstery needle awl thread,leather sewing waxed thread Practical and convenient