20 Count Disposable Ear Thermometer Probe Covers, Refill Cap for All Braun ThermoScan Models Lens Filters and Digital Thermometers PC20 (PACKAGING MAY VARY)

  • ₱690.00

For accurate and more hygienic temperature monitoring.

It’s important that the Braun ThermoScan lens filter on the temperature sensor is replaced every time a reading is taken.

Disposable lens filters ensure hygienic use without having to clean or disinfect the sensor and virtually eliminate cross contamination.

What’s more, fitting a new Braun lens filter each time ensures that dirt or ear wax don’t build up and clog the sensor window, which could lead to inaccurate temperature readings.

Operating Instructions

1.Install disposable probe cover

2.Tug on ear per standard to scope technique

3.Place probe tip in ear sealing auditory canal

4.Depress and hold activation button for one second

5.Remove from ear and discard cover

Fit for all Braun Thermoscan Models

ExactempThermoscan 7 IRT 6520,IRT6020, IRT6500, Braun Thermoscan 3 IRT3030, IRT3020, IRT4020, IRT4520